bwin888登录致力于为学生服务, 教师, 工作人员, 残疾游客. UC strives for excellence in creating a campus environment of inclusion and accessibility that ensures compliance with federal and state regulations. 
The 从ice of 住宿和无障碍 supports this commitment by partnering with students and other members of the campus community to determine accessibility needs and provide appropriate 住宿 to ensure equal access and experience for all individuals at UC.
Please review the information below for additional information about Disability Services, 住宿过程, 以及其他无障碍资源.

学生手册    住宿申请表格


Federal law and the university define a “disability” as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits or restricts the condition, 的方式, or duration under which an average person in the population can perform a major life activity, 比如走路, 看到, 听力, 说话, 呼吸, 学习, 工作, 或者照顾好自己. 
损伤或诊断, 其本身, does not necessarily constitute a disability: it must “substantially limit” these activities.  残疾并不一定会影响个人的表现, 但可能需要个人寻找执行给定任务的替代方法.
The University is required by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act to provide effective auxiliary aids and services for qualified students with documented disabilities if such aids are needed to provide equitable access to the university’s programs and services. “Qualified Disabled Student” means a disabled person who meets the academic and technical standards for admission and participation in UC’s educational programs.  

All students must meet submit current clinical documentation before any accommodation can be granted.  为确保文件完整,bwin888登录建议打印 的指导方针 and giving a copy to clinicians for use in writing letters documenting need for 住宿.  Students are also advised to keep a copy of any documentation materials they provide to UC.  Last-minute submission of documentation may result in delays in consideration of requested services. 文件可以通过电子邮件发送到 住宿 [at] () 或上传到住宿请求门户. 一些临床医生可能更喜欢传真文件. 传真文件可发送至606-539-4136. Students may be asked to periodically provide comprehensive information if their condition may change over time and/or previous documentation doesn’t include sufficient relevant information.

所有学生必须亲自与学生住宿办公室协调, 通过电话, 或在提供任何住宿之前发送电子邮件. Collaborating with the 学生住宿主任 ensures students receive personalized, reasonable 住宿 in the 的方式 that best supports the fundamental nature of University programs. 
Students are always encouraged to contact the 从ice of Student Accommodations whenever they have questions or concerns regarding their existing 住宿.

Cumberlands has a designated professional to coordinate its efforts to comply with laws which prohibit discrimination against students or applicants on the basis of a disability.  如果您有疑问或疑虑,请联系他们寻求帮助.

雪莉.史蒂芬斯 [at] ()

额外的资源 & 信息

Learn more about specific components our our 住宿 process to help our students and campus community. 

学术住宿是最常见的住宿提供. 常见的学术住宿包括, 但不限于, 延长考试和测验的时间, 减少干扰的测试环境, 数字内容修复, 辅助技术.

Accessibility 住宿 serve students with physical or other impairments that limit access to University facilities or online content. The 学生住宿主任 collaborates with students and administrative offices to ensure accessibility needs are met through parking 住宿, 教室位置安排, 在线内容的可访问性, 以及其他必要的无障碍设施.

学生可能会因健康状况而有不同的饮食需求. 当有特殊饮食需要时, Student Accommodations can provide support in navigating University dining options in the way that ensures equal access to University dining programs. Services range from educating on how food is prepared to consulting with dining 工作人员 for dietary specific arrangements.

The 学生住宿主任 collaborates with the Housing 从ice to provide reasonable 住宿 for student housing assignments based on the availability of housing and the recommendations of professionals based on disability needs.

Although students with temporary illness or injury are not considered disabled by the law, they often need services or 住宿 similar to those provided to students with permanent disabilities in order to maintain their academic program with minimal interruption.  Students with extenuating medical circumstances are encouraged to consult with the 学生住宿主任 as soon as possible.  Students requesting services must present current clinical documentation before 住宿 can be considered. 

The 学生住宿主任 helps coordinate a number of other services and resources as needed to support students with disabilities.  资源包括:

  • 住宿通知适用的教职员工, 列出批准的住宿(仅在学生授权下)
  • 指导学生顺利完成大学过渡(如有需要)
  • 协调学术和行政部门
  • Liaison for Career Services: role-play interviewing focusing on questions of when and how to disclose disability when applying to graduate schools and/or seeking employment
  • 信息 about alternative testing arrangements and documentation for GMAT, GRE, LSAT, etc.
  • 为残疾军人学生提供额外支持和住宿.
  • 转介到州或联邦资源,如National AHEAD, 肯塔基州的前, 或者职业康复办公室.